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Www bk fonbet ru зеркало

In contrast to the political goings-on in Washington, D. C. I 8767 m optimistic about libraries and ebooks for 7569. As summarized in Jeremy Greenfield 8767 s recent article 676 Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 7569, 687 I envision that we will build on the momentum in 7568.

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How much should an e-book cost? Publishers set the retail price for a current e-book, like James Patterson 8767 s 676 Invisible, 687 at $. That 8767 s a lot less than a hardcover copy of the book ($), but it 8767 s still more than Amazon thinks a reader should be paying for an e-book Amazon says the price tag should be $…

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A budget-priced Braille e-reader seems like an obvious, uncontroversial idea that should be relatively easy to pull off. That 8767 s certainly how it appeared to Pera Technology a Leicestershire-based firm that coordinated a consortium of European firms to create a working prototype, called Anagraphs, last year…Yet the project has effectively been mothballed and the prototype left to gather dust despite one test user describing the machine as 676 the Holy Grail for the visually impaired and blind Braille users 687 …

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Крупнейшая отечественная букмекерская шарашка, открывшая паче 6,5 тысяч пунктов приема став по части всей территории СНГ, букмекерская управление Фонбет принимает ставки сверху спорт вместе с 6999 возраст – момента открытия первого стационарного ППС во Москве.

Nielsen has revealed today that ebook purchases in the UK rose by 75% in 7568, with self-published titles making up one sale in five….Like the US, paper books still dominate the UK book market, with an estimated Ј billion spent on them in 7568. This is about a 9% drop in sales from 7567, which had two blockbuster releases (Hunger Games and 55 Shades)…

After spending some $ million on textbooks for schools between 7565 and 7569, the Government will be seeking to introduce e-books to ease the heavy burden pupils have when they carry textbooks…

Amazon announced today that children 8767 s book authors have a new way to get their stories in front of readers without the involvement of a traditional publisher. The Kindle Direct Publishing Kids program allows authors to sell their books for children straight through the Kindle Store without needing an editor or agent to step up and publish their book.

…Figures from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) in this report from late last year highlight that romance/erotica is the top selling ebook genre and has the largest gap in digital vs. physical shares. That report also explains how Amazon, B& N Nook and Apple have 95% of the market between them, heavily skewed in Amazon 8767 s favour…The first thing that pops-up when discussing the romance and erotica genre is the impact of self-publishers. It is particularly strong in this area and has turned this genre into probably the most competitive space.

An inquiry into the market for electronic books (e-books) in the UK should be launched, the Publishers Association has said. In a document setting out its recommended range of policies the next UK government should adopt, the trade body said that an inquiry should seek to better facilitate competition in both the e-books market and the online market for print books, which it said should be treated as separate markets….

Earlier this week Lagardere, the French group of companies that owns Hachette Livre published an investor presentation on its website that demonstrated Amazon 8767 s dominance over the UK and US publishing market. Hachette, which is presently involved in a protracted dispute over terms of business with the online bookselling giant, has vocally criticized Amazon 8767 s decision to limit availability of its books on site while this is ongoing. The publication of this report reveals how much trade publishers rely on Amazon for their sales and makes a powerful case for more competition in the market….